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5 Powerful Bootstrapping Tools for a Successful Business Launch

Life can be hard when starting a business without drawing any external financial support. The good thing is that bootstrapping helps future entrepreneurs manage their early operations more efficiently.

Dropshipping Made Simple: Is it Really the Easiest Way to Start an Online Business?

You've probably heard about the next e-commerce option that'll help you start an online business with little capital and no inventories. Dropshipping is often heralded as one of the quickest ways to start an e-commerce business because you don’t have to own a single product before selling. However, there is a lot more that goes into building a successful dropshipping store.

A Beginner's Guide: The Best Wordpress Hosting for Beginners

There are many WordPress hosting services out there, each with their share of pros and cons. Let us guide you to some of the best providers for your business.

Sales Promotion Tactics to Drive Up Sales for Your Startup in 2019

Providing excellent value, as well as meeting customer expectations through features, prices and design to fit your target market is a great way to increase sales. However, you can also apply the usage of promotions and marketing to sell your products and services.

4 Lessons from failed startups

Not every entrepreneurial journey is smooth sailing. Names like Steve Jobs and Tony Fernandes are just a few of the successful entrepreneurs, the few who made it. For every successful startup, there are hundreds of failed entrepreneurs and startups.

Apply These 6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Online Business in Malaysia

In recent years there have been many online success stories, it is definitely not a losing game for online businesses. If you are wondering how to start an online business in Malaysia, here are some tips that will guide you to run an online business targeted for Malaysian customers.

5 Resources for Startup Founders in Malaysia

The tools you need to win back your time and get things done faster. Exactly what you need if you're a startup founder or entrepreneur.

6 Tips on Starting a Business in Malaysia as a Foreigner

Malaysia is a diverse multicultural nation which celebrates various cultural and religious holidays, norms and traditions. The way the businesses are run in this country reflects that.

5 Tips for A Perfect Pitch

Regardless of whether you are running a startup or an MNC, every business has to pitch an idea at some point. You may have to pitch an idea to an investor, do a business presentation for a client or even a bank when trying to secure a business loan.

5 Best Startup Name Generators - Want to find company name ideas for your startup?

Every founder wants a unique name for their small business. Check out these five best websites to generate a great name for your startup.