5 Resources for Startup Founders in Malaysia

The tools you need to win back your time and get things done faster. Exactly what you need if you're a startup founder or entrepreneur.

Do you ever feel just like you're holding a time bomb with the clock ticking andtime running out? In this post I'll reveal the tools you need to win back your time and get things done faster. Exactly what you need if you're a startup founder or entrepreneur.

Your education and conditioning tells you to just work longer and harder but deep down you know that is not working, so let's get right into the five great business resources I need to share with you today that will allow you to get more work done with less time. Which incidentally means more freedom for you and a greater chance of success for your small business.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a tool you should be using for your startup. You've probably heard about it but you probably misunderstand it and think of it as a place to get goofy stuff done. That's not exactly true, fiverr.com enables you to find an expert to do just about any task you need done for five to ten dollars. For more skilled work you can often add on extras. Fiverr is a great tool to get the small, repetitive work completed, which allows you to focus on bigger, more important tasks.

2. Evernote

I'll bet you don't utilize this to the extent that you should. I know I needed a lot of reminding to use all the pellicle features. Evernote allows you to keep your notes in one place, copy articles from the web with one-click. The mobile app allows you to capture things to tag them, making them easily searchable later.

3. RoboForm - Password Manager

The third resource you need to use for saving time as well as your online security, is a password manager. I use and recommend RoboForm for storing passwords securely. However, there are other very good ones as well that I've tried but I always come back to RoboForm.

Visit RoboForm Password Manager to learn more.

4. SaneBox

Do you spend too much time on email? Of course you do. I can say that because almost every living human being under the age of 70 does. A great way to manage your thoughts is a tool called SaneBox. Once you train Sanebox, it will sort your emails for you. Showing you only the important ones, so you won't be distracted all the time. I highly recommend using bots to help you get control of your sanity. There are many other resources for small business entrepreneurs and executives but I promised only five. So the last tool to add to your startup toolbox is...

5. Dropbox

The final small business resource I'm recommending today is Dropbox. Keep your files in one place in the cloud. With dropbox, you always know where to access your documents and share them with others when you want. You can also access your important startup documents from all of your devices and take comfort in knowing that all your devices will be synced automatically.

Okay, I know I said that I would share five resources in this post. However, there is one final tip you can use to get more tools for your startup.

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